Autism Counts - Irish Autism Prevalence Study - 2010 / 2011

Aims / Objectives of Autism Counts:

This is the first Irish Autism Prevalence Study to be undertaken in Ireland among school going children.

Autism Counts forms the Irish arm of a much larger EU study documenting the prevalence of autism in Europe.

Keith Duffy with kids at Irish Autism Action eventAutism Spectrum Disorder is a condition affecting the way in which children socialize, communicate and behave. We do not know how many children in Ireland are affected by this condition. The purpose of this prevalence study is to find out how many children are affected. This information may lead to an improvement in the provision of autism services for children/families.

Autism Counts is being conducted by researchers at Dublin City University, School of Nursing, and is funded by Irish Autism Action. Children will be screened in two regions Galway and Waterford.

The research team is inviting parents and guardians of all children aged between 6 and 11 years attending national and special education schools in the designated study regions to take part. Eligible children must be born between 1st January 1998 and 31st December 2003.

Your participation is very important to us. If you have questions about the study or need assistance completing the study booklet please contact a member of the study team at 01 7008527, email andrew.boilson@dcu.ie.